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A cooperative sugar group, Tereos processes agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.
With strong regional roots, Tereos unites 12,000 cooperative growers around a long-term vision: adding value to agricultural raw materials and contributing towards the development of quality food products worldwide.

To achieve this, Tereos has always applied a common-sense principle: listening to its customers and looking to anticipate changes on its markets. Now the world’s fifth largest sugar group, Tereos is developing new outlets for agricultural raw materials with a view to meeting current challenges in terms of food of course, as well as energy and environmental aspects.

Open to a changing world and the opportunities this brings, innovative, confident and guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, Tereos is helping drive improvements in growing practices, while optimizing its industrial processes, convinced that the world of agriculture will be able to meet the challenge of feeding people effectively today and tomorrow.

2013/14 Key figures

• 12,000 cooperative growers
• More than 24,000 permanent and seasonal staff
• 42 industrial facilities
• 1 million hectares of farmland
• 12 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia
• Revenues : €4.7 billion


• 3.8 mn t of sugar (no. 5 worldwide)
• 1.9 mn t of starch products (no. 2 in Europe for starch-based sweeteners)
• 1.5 mn m3 of alcohol (no. 1 in Europe)

Raw materials

• Sugar Beet processing  no. 2 in Europe
• Sugar cane processing no. 3 in Brazil
• Cereals processing no. 3 in Europe for starch products

To know more

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• Let’s discover our 2013/14 annual report (
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CSR strategy

Tereos is building deep foundations for CSR within the Group’s economic activity, in line with a shared goal: contributing towards the company’s performance over the long term and setting out its role as a responsible operator.

Within this framework, its five major challenge areas and pillars for its CSR are: sustainable agriculture,positive logistics and industry, product guarantees, local development and healthnutrition.

They cover Tereos’ environmental and societal footprint throughout its value chain, from the production of agricultural materials to their industrial processing and end consumption. Areas for progress have been defined in line with each of these challenges, guiding Tereos in its relationships with the upstream agricultural sector, as well as in the management of its industrial production activities and its relationships with its employees, its customers and all its stakeholders.

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