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At present, Cukrovary a lihovary TTD, a. s. is the leading Czech producer of sugar and alcohol (fine, technical, bioethanol). In its five factories, it produces about 210,000 mt of sugar (Dobrovice and České Meziříčí sugar factories) and 800,000 hl of alcohol (Dobrovice distillery - bioethanol, Chrudim distillery – fine and technical alcohol) from sugar beet each year. Its Mělník packaging unit processes yearly more than 90,000 mt of sugar into retail packaging.

The Company history goes back to 1831 when sugar production first started in the Dobrovice sugar factory: therefore, sugar has been produced here continuously for more than 178 years. Over the last few years, the Dobrovice sugar factory has been thoroughly modernized and is now one of the largest units of its kind in the CEE.

Sugar beet as raw material not only for food production (sugar), but lately also for renewable energy production (bioethanol), is supplied by roughly 410 growers, from a total acreage amounting to 32,000 ha.

The Dobrovice bioethanol plant operated by the affiliate Agroetanol TTD, a. s. is the first industrial distillery in the Czech Republic producing waterless fermentation alcohol (bioethanol). Bioethanol production was launched in 2006. The raw material – sugar beet – is processed in the sugar factory into raw juice that is subsequently used to make the final product.

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